“Club Skill Level” Play Guidelines

For this play, players must be members of the FOS Pickleball Club (FOSPC). The
skill levels used by FOSPC are 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5+.
Therefore, there are four (4)
different FOSPC “Club Skill Level” play time periods that matches the four different skill
levels (e.g., “Club 2.0”). Players don’t need to sign up for this play. They just “drop in” anytime during the scheduled time period and put their paddle in the rack.

Everybody should follow the guidelines listed below to provide the opportunity for all
players to maximize their time on the court. We encourage players to meet new people,
introduce themselves and mix up play when possible.

Skill Level Designation
• Existing FOSPC members may already know their skill level. You should play
at your designated FOSPC Skill Level. New and existing players should
periodically review the “FOSPC Skill Level Ratings” document to ensure they
are assigned the correct skill level on the membership listing. For new players
or new members of the FOSPC, after reviewing the “FOSPC Skill Level
Ratings” document, just send Mark Welshinger an email
(welshinr@gmail.com) and he’ll add your skill level to the membership listing.
Players can move up/down on their skill level at their discretion, but the skill
level ratings should be fairly stable. If you move up/down, please let Mark
Welshinger know.

When Players are Waiting to Play and Courts are Full
• Players should participate in the appropriate skill level and should only play at
one skill level.
• Paddles must always be placed at the end of the line. Waiting players should
line up paddles in groups of four to determine who is next to play. Stacking
paddles is permitted during “Club Skill Level” play. See “Stacking Paddles”
• Four players should play a game to 11 points and then vacate the court.
• If four or more new players are waiting, all players should relinquish the court
for four new players and continue the process.
• When only two players are waiting, a 2-on/2-off scenario can be used.
• Next-up players should be ready to enter the open court as a group.2
When Players ARE NOT Waiting to Play and there are Available Empty Courts
• Four players should play a game to 11 points.
• If no other players are waiting to play, the same four players may continue to
play another game.
• If new waiting players are present, the waiting players have priority for court
• During heavy player “traffic” times, please suspend “win by two” scoring and
implement “first team to 11” scoring.

Stacking Paddles
If stacking paddles, paddles must always be placed at the end of the line. You may put
your paddles down as a single paddle, two stacked paddles or four stacked paddles.
Two stacked indicated you want to play partners with the other paddle owner, while four
stacked paddles indicate four players who wish to play together.

Laminated Signs
There will be laminated signs for each skill group in the storage lockers that players
should attach near the paddle rack during each skill level period. This should help keep
players who haven’t read the schedule from putting their paddles in the rack if they
aren’t in that skill group. Please remove the sign and put it back in the storage locker
when the time is over