FOS Weekend of Fun

Pickleball Tournament

Coming Soon – 2023 Weekend of Fun Details

Tournament Day – Sunday, March 6, 2022

2.5 Men’s Doubles
GOLD: Wenner/DeGraf
SILVER: Kroft/Hovey
BRONZE: Weusterhoefer/Heck
3.0 Men’s Doubles
GOLD: Bennett/Wolsfeld
SILVER: Escher/Alfson
BRONZE: Christiansen/Jaramillo
3.5 Men’s Doubles
GOLD: Gudex/Eilers
SILVER: Belluzzo/Welshinger
BRONZE: Danielson/Reese
2.5 Women’s Doubles
GOLD: Welshinger/Moser
SILVER: Ferrell/Lambert
BRONZE: Aarestad/Patton
3.0 Women’s Doubles
GOLD: Freeman/Wagner
SILVER: Campbell/Danielson
BRONZE: Copeland/Grubl
3.5 Women’s Doubles
GOLD: Smith/Gudex
SILVER: Benson/Belluzzo
2.5 Mixed Doubles
GOLD: Escher/Escher
SILVER: Wuesterhoefer/Bentler
BRONZE: Beckley/McCluskey
3.0 Mixed Doubles
GOLD: Keller/Keller
SILVER: Danielson/Danielson
BRONZE: Ward/Snell
3.5 Mixed Doubles
GOLD: Benson/Benson
SILVER: Gudex/Gudex
BRONZE: Wagner/Belluzzo
TOURNAMENT COORDINATORS: Moser, Welshinger, Benson, & Reese
IT TAKES A VILLAGE – Special Thanks to:
Welshinger, Moser, Moser, Campbell, Welshinger,
Murray, Danielson, Reese, and Cygan

CLUB MEMBER & COST: To participate, you need to be a member of the FOSPC. The tournament cost is $5 per person (larger donations welcome).

TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: We guarantee you one event, either Doubles or Mixed Doubles, and at least two games if it is an A and B side draw event (double knock-out). After all people register and we know the numbers, we can then decide whether we have enough time and/or courts for you to enter two events. We ask you to select a first choice for your guaranteed event and then a second choice if time/courts allow. You may choose a partner to play with (this is our first choice). However, we could also be using a round robin format with groups of 4 or 5 people playing together. Gold, silver and bronze games will be on Sunday. For more information on tournament format options, please see below.


• Double Knock-Out: The double knock-out, A side and B side, guarantees that every person and team get to play at least two games. Your partner is the person you have chosen or been assigned. At the end, the A side winning team takes on the B side winner (who has lost once). In the final, the B side winner must defeat the undefeated A side winner twice to capture gold.
Round Robin: The round robin works on a points system. For example, if a 5-person 4 game round robin is played, the maximum number of points a person can get is 4 x 11 = 44 points. The highest point total gets gold, second gets silver, etc. This is similar to our previous years of doing round robins during league play. This system guarantees more games for each player before they are knocked out. This system also eliminates the “stacked teams” problem, as you have a different partner each game.